PLL (spoilers)

i quit watching pll but i need to know what ezra’s deal is asap

sorry, but if A isn’t aria or one of the girls, then i’m not shocked at all, considering how many people have been “revealed” to be on the A team. *eyes permanently roll back into skull*

wait so that kid wasn’t ezra’s??? or something??? i stopped watching that pll mess a while ago

i’ve missed the last four or five episodes of pll, and i’m oddly okay with this. i don’t understand how a show with such an intriguing premise could have gone downhill so early into what i presume will be a longer run than it deserves. sorry if this offends anyone, but there’s no denying that the show isn’t nearly of the same quality as it once was.

i’ve missed the last 2 eps of pll and i think i might be okay with missing the rest

guys i won’t be seeing pll tonight so make sure to let me know the whole bunch of nothing i’ll be missing

principal: ezra fitz is going to jail
pll: lol jk
me: deflates

i feel like twisted is a just a different version of pll where the focus is on toby

time to re-watch the pll knockoff

who’s the new ugly cop he looks vaguely familiar

who and why x2

excuse me but who’s mourning this “loss”



oh my god i’ve been waiting for this FOREVER

sorry fitz